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Dr. Erik Werner
Research Network Services Limited
c/o betahaus
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What's in the word: Deadline

When it comes to a due date, there is usually only one important rule: A deadline is a deadline is a deadline! Once the day has passed, you
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often get reminded again, why it is called DEADline. It doesn’t have to be a week of night shifts and a last minute submission marathon though. Here are a few tips how you can prepare and ease the pressure.

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Ten Proposal Writing Essentials

Consider the "Friday Evening Scenario": the research proposal evaluator is on his/her desk, it's Friday evening and the pile of proposals is huge. Read below what makes a proposal readable, how to grab and keep the reviewers attention and how to increase your chances of getting funded.
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The Evolution of the Framework Programme Research Project Manager

How the European Community triggered the evolution of a new profession, the FP Project Manager and how they started networking to see beyond the official guidelines.
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Joomla General Principles

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