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Dr. Erik Werner
Research Network Services Limited
c/o betahaus
Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 23
10969 Berlin

phone +49 30 3974 3106

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Proposal Management Project Management Knowledge Management
Website Development


Research Network Services - What is it all about?

Research Network Services Limited, short RNSL, was started by Dr. Erik Werner based on his management experience with large scale, multi location research projects combined with a scientific background and website development skills. RNSL supports scientific consortia from the first idea to the final report, helps with knowledge management and develops a research project website as dissemination, networking, coordination and organisation tool.

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Proposal Management

The Pre-Project Phase

The development of a research goal from the first idea into a complete grant proposal can take a long time. At the beginning, ideas have to mature, an interdisciplinary core group of researchers needs to come together and develop it further and the appropriate funding agency needs to be identified.

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Project Management

The Project Execution Phase

Once awarded, the coordination and management of a multi location research project often requires the involvement of a dedicated research project manager as a single point of contact within the consortium and towards the funding agency.

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Website Development

All Project Phases

A website nowadays can be much more than a collection of static pages and a couple of links. Research project consortia can use a modern, interactive website as tool for dissemination, communication, networking, project and knowledge management and for many other applications.

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Knowledge Management

Project Execution and Post-Project Phase

Knowledge has become more and more important in our information society. Research consortia especially need to make the most of their knowledge as they often come together for a limited period in time and the natural turnover of co-workers can be immense.

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