Research Network Services Limited, short RNSL, was started by Dr. Erik Werner based on his management experience with large scale, multi location research projects combined with a scientific background and website development skills. RNSL supports scientific consortia from the first idea to the final report, helps with knowledge management and develops a research project website as dissemination, networking, coordination and organisation tool.

Who is it for?

(Potential) Project coordinators. The more successful scientists get, the more requests they have to deal with every day. There is a constant need to publish the latest results, find new grants, promote the work and take part in the local research politics. Supervision of co-workers, recruitment and the determination of the group strategy alone could fill the day; networking, conferences and meetings of all kind are a large part as well, as is the participation in research consortia distributed around the world. The bigger the project and the more responsibility a researcher has, the smaller the chance for her or him to be able to deal with all aspects “on the side”. Here is where professional research project management comes in, taking the organisational and administrative burden of the shoulders of the scientific coordinator.

Aspiring junior group leaders. There comes the point where every early stage researcher needs to make a decision for the future: get independent and start your own research group or follow up other career pathways. If “my own group” is your decision, you don’t necessarily have all skills yet that are needed to be successful in the long term. You will benefit from the experience of a professional who can help you with the development of your research strategy, with your grant proposals and the management of your first projects.

Research Managers. You already have a project plan and built a consortium and are responsible for their coordination. Your partners are distributed across the globe and you know that communication and networking is crucial for a successful project. A content management based website will help you to achieve this and also to organise the consortium processes.

What do you get?

RNSL supports you and your project from the first idea to the last report and beyond and allows you to minimise your time spend for administration and management and to maximise the time for your research. With own scientific background Dr. Werner knows the research environment from own lab bench experience. He also has proposal writing and research project management experience, especially with large scale projects funded by the European Commission’s Framework Programmes. On top of that, he possesses the skills to develop the web tool that helps facilitating all other activities.This allows RNSL to take care of most organisational aspects that are typical for a research project autonomously. RNSL therefore contributes to the crucial success factors of a project, helping the involved scientists and especially the coordinators to increase their reputation in the scientific community and local environment, so important for the future career development. New grants, better publications and better co-workers will be the reward.Whatever the status of your project is, from the first idea to proposal management, from project execution to knowledge management, RNSL can be involved all the time or support you part of the way. You can also use RNSL for your website tool only.

Why Research Network Services Limited?

Institutional support might not be staffed to provide enough support or the advanced support you need. It can also be very difficult to find a professional research project manager for a short period of time or even part time. European Framework Programme (FP) project manager for example is a professional category still in it’s infancy and there is only a limited number of people with enough experience to provide immediate support. With RNSL you get exactly the efforts needed for a particular activity, when it is needed. You don’t have to force your own co-workers away from the lab, you don’t need to find someone else who does a website, you don’t have to find a highly skilled professional for an unattractive part-time job and you don’t have to find someone else when your project manager has to move on to her/his next job before your project is completed.

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