The Project Execution Phase

Once awarded, the coordination and management of a multi location research project often requires the involvement of a dedicated research project manager as a single point of contact within the consortium and towards the funding agency.

What RNSL can do for you:

  • Support of the scientific project coordination
    Monitoring and controlling of the project progress (tasks and finances), identification and reaction to emerging bottlenecks, risk assessment.
  • Coordinate the reporting process
    Development of project internal guidelines and templates, requisition and compilation of contributions from all project levels, formatting and submission.
  • Organisation of project events
    Scientific conferences, project meetings, training events, review and strategy meetings, phone, video and online conferences.
  • Support of project administration
    Maintenance of the grant and the consortium agreements, financial management.
  • Stakeholder management
    Support and facilitation of networking and communication to all involved organisations and people like the project partners, funding agencies, policy makers, interest groups, etc.
  • Knowledge management
    Collection and use of relevant project knowledge. Read more here.
  • Project website development
    Public and internal website as tool for dissemination, communication, networking and project management. Read more here.

RNSL will help researchers to focus on their science and will take care of the research management. Having started as a scientist himself, Dr. Werner has plenty of understanding for the research, the research environment and the needs of you as a scientist.

In large-scale and long-term research projects, RNSL can enter the contract with the funding agency as project participant. In smaller or more short-term projects, RNSL can be a subcontractor or work on consultancy basis for your project. Read more about terms.