The Pre-Project Phase

The development of a research goal from the first idea into a complete grant proposal can take a long time. At the beginning, ideas have to mature, an interdisciplinary core group of researchers needs to come together and develop it further and the appropriate funding agency needs to be identified.

While most of this happens “on the side”, once this process enters the proposal writing phase, significant efforts are required. Someone who is on top of all rules and guidelines set by the funding agency and who is capable of translating them into the language of a researcher, the actual author of a grant proposal. Also someone who can dedicate the necessary time needed to submit the proposal in time.

What RNSL can do for you:

  • Support of the research strategy development process
    Countercheck your group strategy with the institutional strategy and the goals of the chosen funding agency, support with selecting the appropriate funding instrument.
  • Support of the project planning process
    Development of a project structure and timing, support of the consortium building process, detailed project planning.
  • Coordination of the proposal process
    Organisation of consortium meetings, contact to the funding agencies, explanation of the guidelines, requisition and compilation of partner contributions, support with the administrative and financial aspects of a proposal, submission.
  • Give detailed proposal feedback
    Test evaluation of existing proposals according to the evaluation criteria, feedback and support on the “non-scientific” proposal parts.
  • Follow up after proposal submission
    Support and organisation of the negotiation process including contractual and financial aspects, communication with the funding agency and within the consortium.

RNSL understands that each project and each consortium is different and requires individualised support. It will empower you to ask and answer the right questions and enables you to write better proposals. It will allow you to concentrate on the scientific aspects and manages the process for you.

RNSL offers proposal management services on consultancy basis. Read more about terms.

RNSL also offers the development of web based communication tools adapted to your specific needs. Read more about research website development.