Research Network Services Limited can be involved in your project in different ways, dependent on the particular service.


RNSL as project partner

For the long term project management commitment within a research project, RNSL can enter a grant agreement with the funding agency (e.g. as beneficiary of a large scale Horizon2020 project). Dependent on complexity of the project and size of the consortium, efforts are in the range of 75 to 90 hours per month on average over the runtime of the project. RNSL will require an appropriate budget share for this personnel resources and a minor amount for additional costs (e.g. for travel).

RNSL as subcontractor

For the project management of a small to medium scale project, RNSL can enter a subcontract with the coordination institution. Estimated efforts will be in the range of 15 to 25 hours per month on average over the runtime of the project.

RNSL as consultancy

Short term commitments (up to several months) or periodic activities over a longer period of time for project preparation, proposal, project and/or knowledge management are offered on consultancy basis.All services above will be budgeted based on an estimated number of hours necessary and a rate per hour. A minimum number of hours in a time account and a mechanism to increae the number of hours (where necessary) will be agreed between RNSL and the client institution upfront.

Fixed rate for website development, hosting and maintenance support

RNSL website development and hostingWebsite development will be charged based on a fixed rate dependent on the complexity of the site and the number of content items (text, users, files, etc.). A typical website would have about 5 to 10 functionalities and can be developed in a matter of weeks. A prototype for testing will normally be available before the site goes live.A website can be delivered to a client as package ready to be restored on a local server. RNSL also offers hosting of the site and/or maintenance support (bug fixing and upgrading of components) on the basis of an annual fee. This fee is dependent on the required disk space and traffic volume.

Also available: domain registration and security certificates.

Please contact RNSL for a quote.