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A website nowadays can be much more than a collection of static pages and a couple of links. Research project consortia can use a modern, interactive website as tool for dissemination, communication, networking, project and knowledge management and for many other applications.

RNSL uses the open sources content management system Joomla! to develop web sites customised for the individual need of a particular consortium. Functionality can include:

  • Public website for dissemination and communication with stakeholders.
  • Protected intranet for project internal communication and processes.
  • User access management and networking.
  • Event organisation and calendar.
  • Document authoring workflow, management and repository.
  • Media management and presentations, galleries, slideshows, etc.
  • Communication tools: polls, discussion forums, chats, messaging, surveys, etc.
  • News: feeds, news ticker, blog, etc.
  • Groupware: task management, social networking, wiki, etc.
  • and many more…
RNSL develops Joomla! based websites on a fixed rate basis, dependent on the complexity, the number of content items and the rate of customization necessary. RNSL also hosts your project website for an annual fee dependent on disk space and web traffic. Read more about terms.